Hello, I am Jerry.
Photography, Woodworker, Craftsman, Artsman.... 

An Artist’s Journey- by JS 
"To capture their vision of the simple and ordinary..and express it in an Art Form" 

** Most of my life I resided in the Northeast and worked in the construction industry in the NYC- NJ Metro Areas. A carpenter by trade for over thirty-five years, I specialized in woodworking, cabinet making and building technologies.  

*On Photography- I freelanced for many years taking pictures of landscapes, beaches and Cityscapes and advanced my photography skills to develop my own style of shooting natural scenes. Simultaneously, I started making custom wood picture frames to display many of my fine art photos.

Inspired Art Frames- Wood Artwork

This collection of coastal beach artworks features shell designs on custom handmade wood frames and sculpted wood plaques Made in Clearwater, Florida- USA. My artwork features local natural resources of seashells, driftwood, white pine, beach sand, ocean shells, coral, shark teeth, sand dollars, starfish, palm branches, dune seagrass, bamboo and other nautical remnants found on the area beachfront.

Coastal Living- The Salt Life- at It’s Best

** In 2019 my wife and I decided to leave New Jersey and move to the Florida West Coast to live in a beachfront home on the Gulf, for a healthier work environment and to enjoy a better Lifestyle.

The seascapes, fresh air and natural landscape opens the mind to discover new design ideas and utilize the natural resources found right here on the miles of sunny sandy beaches. 

Paradise…Yes., here we are.

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